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Clinical Assessment and Practical Interventions for Praxis: From Ideation to Execution


Course Description:

This course will present an overview of the components of praxis with an emphasis on clinical assessment and intervention of practic problems in children using a sensory integration frame of reference. The impact of various practic problems on functional performance will be highlighted. A framework for observing, assessing, clinical reasoning, and identifying ideation, motor planning, sequencing, bilateral coordination and projected action sequence problems within a sensory integration treatment model will be presented. A clinical observation-based assessment will be presented and used to develop observation skills and clinical reasoning in identifying and treating praxis problems. A praxis screening tool will also be provided. Practical intervention strategies using both top-down and bottom up approaches will be highlighted through videotapes, case studies, and lecture formats.


Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

Contact Hours:  13 hours


Course Objectives:

1) Describe the underlying neural and sensory mechanisms of the various practic dysfunctions

2) Observe, assess and differentiate the range of practic dysfunctions from ideation to execution problems

3) Apply top-down and bottom up treatment principles appropriately to different problems using clinical reasoning

4) Identify they ways various praxis problems impact on functional performance

5) Identify strategies and treatment plan for improving performance

6) Be able to administer and score a praxis screening tool


Course Schedule:

Day One:

8:00 8:30

8:30 10:00

10:00 10:30

10:30 12:00

12:00 1:00

1:00 2:30


2:30 3:00

3:00 3:30

3:30 4:00

4:00 4:30


Day Two:

8:00 9:00

9:00 10:00

10:00 10:15

10:15 12:00


12:00 1:00

1:00 2:45

2:45 3:00

3:00 3:30

3:30 4:30



Introduction and Clinical Reasoning for Praxis and Dyspraxia
Praxis in Normal Development


Models for Looking at Praxis


Introduction to Top-Down Approaches and Cognitive Learning Theory
A New Model for Assessment and Clinical Reasoning for Intervention in Praxis


Applying a New Clinical Reasoning Model for Praxis
Praxis Model and Clinical Reasoning Lab

Brief Neurology of Praxis

Assessment Strategies for Arousal, Rhythmicity and Sequencing



Intervention Strategies for Arousal, Rhythmicity and Sequencing
Case Study and Treatment Planning

Assessment Strategies for Motor Planning and Imitation


Introduction of a Praxis Screening: Assessment of Imitation and Motor Planning Maze Assessment
Intervention Strategies for Motor Planning


Motor Planning Case Study and Treatment Planning
Assessment and Intervention Strategies for Bilateral Coordination


Assessment and Intervention Strategies for Projected Action Sequences

Assessment and Intervention Strategies for Ideation
A New Assessment for Ideation- The Test of Ideational Praxis (TIP)
Ideation Lab Activity

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