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Essentials of Praxis Intervention for Children with Autism


Course Description:

Children with autism present particular challenges for therapists. Facilitating praxis, imitation and play skills in this population can be difficult and confusing. This course will present an overview of the key aspects needed for effective intervention for practic problems in children with autism. A clinical reasoning framework for intervention of ideation, motor planning, sequencing, bilateral coordination and projected action sequence problems within a sensory integration treatment model will be presented. The important role of imitation and play in facilitating praxis in children with autism will be highlighted. Key intervention strategies using both top-down and bottom up approaches will be highlighted through videotapes, case studies, and lecture formats.


Level:  Intermediate

Contact Hours:  6 hours


Course Objectives:

1) Understand the essential components of praxis

2) Identify key intervention strategies for practic dysfunction in children with autism

3) Apply essential top-down and bottom up treatment principles appropriately to different practice problems

4) Understand how various praxis problems impact on functional performance and be able to identify strategies improving performance


Course Schedule:

Introduction to Praxis
Overview of Praxis and Dyspraxia
Components and Models of Praxis


Relationship of Autism and Praxis
Characteristics of Praxis in Autism
Imitation, Play and Praxis in Children with Autism


Essentials of Intervention for Praxis
Introduction to Intervention for Praxis
Facilitating Arousal and Rhythmicity


Facilitating Ideation and Recognition of Affordances
Facilitating Motor Planning and Play

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