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On this page you will find links to various assessments.  Enclosed on individual pages are Test Administration Manuals, Scoring Forms, References and Additional Materials.  These materials may be reproduced for your personal use or the use of your agency as long as they remain in their original format with my copyright and adhere to the copyright restrictions listed on the main page.  Click on the links to go to the individual assessment pages to obtain test manuals, scoring sheets, and training materials.


Test of Ideational Praxis (TIP)

The TIP is an assessment of ideational abilities.  It was originally normed on children 5-8 but is applicable to any children who have suspected ideation problems.


Assessment of Imitation

The Assessment of Imitation is a praxis assessment which examines a child's ability to follow verbal commands as well as to imitate representational and non-representational gestures.


Motor Planning Maze Assessment

The Motor Planning Maze Assessment is a praxis assessment of motor planning and visual spatial problems. 

The GI Assessment
The GI Assessment is an assessment of gravitational insecurity for children 4-10, although it may be used for any age groups.
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